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  • Quick measurement of room space, goods, parcels or pallets dimensions
  • Free choice of digital tape measure or laser distance meter
  • Automatically calculates area, volume or other custom operations
  • Customized workflow and easy integration for any operations
  • Flexible customized scenario, unlimited application mode
  • Integrated barcode scanning, barcode and measurement data combination
  • Bluetooth wireless interface to smart phone, pad, PC or PDA, SDK supported

our team

  • We are a team focused on the measurement.
  • We believe that the measure is only a technical means, purpose of the measurement is to accurately making the judgments. It serves the application scenarios and the operators.
  • We invented a digital tape measure technology, and developed a series of products with this technology.
  • We hope that we can help the people used to the traditional tape measure. We would like to help them to be more easily and faster recording, more accurately and more efficiently to complete his work.
  • If you have any measurement requirements, please feel free to contact us.